[Review] Innisfree – Smart Drawing Blusher

I would consider myself a blush fanatic. Ok a blush and foundation fanatic. These are the two constants in my makeup routine and definite must haves for me. Since I’m currently riding the cream blush train and had been curious about Glossier’s Cloud Paints, I picked this blusher up from eBay. It is sold in 5 colours and I picked it up in shade #04 Dried Rose.


from yesstyle.com

Cream blush gives cheeks a vivid dash of color while hydrating skin
Lightly adheres to skin for vivid and rosy cheeks with a non-sticky satin finish
User-friendly brush applicator allows for foolproof and precise application


$12.23 AUD from eBay (roseroseshop)*


The packaging looks like a paint tube. I like its aesthetics and it reminds me of the packaging of the Glossier Cloud Paints. The colour on the outside represents the shade and the combination of coral and white feels similar to the cloud paint in Dusk.

The brush tip, although it can get unruly after squeezing the product out, makes applying easy. You’ll still need to use fingers or a brush to blend it into the skin.

Innisfree - Smart Drawing Blusher - #04 Dried Rose - Brush tip
Innisfree – Smart Drawing Blusher – #04 Dried Rose – Brush tip can get a bit messy


This product once squeezed and applied to the cheeks, is easy to blend with a brush or fingers. It’s consistency is thick enough so it stays put after it is painted on. The issue I have with it is that it tends to blend away so I need a couple of layers for it to show up on my skin tone (NC30). Because it’s so subtle on me, it’s hard to judge it’s longevity because it doesn’t look like much in the first place.

Innisfree - Smart Drawing Blusher - #04 Dried Rose 
Freshly swatched photo. Vibrancy fades once blended and has dried down.
Innisfree – Smart Drawing Blusher – #04 Dried Rose
Freshly swatched photo. Vibrancy fades once blended and has dried down.

The good news is, that even with the amount that I have to use, the finish isn’t sticky or tacky. I would agree with the claims of it drying down to a satin finish. This product also has an SPF 26 PA ++ which is quite rare for a blush. Since Koreans are generally very serious about sun protection (and we all should be), I’m not too surprised by this.

Final thoughts

I haven’t tried any of the Cloud Paints because we can’t get Glossier here in Australia but judging from reviews, they are quite pigmented and a little goes a long way. This Smart Drawing Blusher is the opposite, subtle and I need a lot for it to even show up.

This blusher does have the potential to be a nice product. I do like its formula and brush tip, but I think I’m too dark to be able to reap its benefits. When I wear blush, I actually want some colour to show, so this disappointed on that front.

If you have a fair to light skin tone, this might work for you. But if you’re any darker than that, I would give this a miss. There’s a red shade in #05 Shy Camellia Flower that could be more vibrant but I won’t be getting it.

Still lusting over the Cloud Paints so if you know of any dupes, please let me know!

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[Review] Worst face mist ever! Innisfree Green Tea Mineral mist

There’s something about setting sprays and face mists that always draws me in. There are some good ones but far many more bad ones. This is one of them. This might be the worst one which I have ever tried. So of course I need to share my reasons why you need to steer clear of it! I’m not even going to bother providing an ingredients list because its not worth it!

My experience with Innisfree…

Innisfree is a major k-beauty brand and is known for their products containing ingredients from Jeju island, which has been described as Korea’s Hawaii.

Before purchasing this, I had only ever tried one other product from them which was a primer, their No Sebum Blur Primer. It was awful. It was pretty dry and pilled on my skin. Possibly the worst primer I have ever used. I chucked it out after the first go. I didn’t have this blog back then, otherwise I would have shared my experience.

I was browsing around in-store in Cosmo Cosmetics in Sydney when I spotted this mist. Green tea is one of my favourite ingredients and it claimed to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It was only small, 50ml, so I thought what they hey, let’s give Innisfree another go. What’s the worst that could happen? Famous last words…

Why its so bad

Its an aerosol can and like any aerosol can, it needs to be shook before use. I shook it a couple of times and sprayed in on my hand. The spray was spluttering and it outputted bits of foam and blobs of white dots. I shook it a few more times and it sprayed with less spluttering but still outputted visible white dots with its stream. What kinda scared me about this was the pressure of the spray. Yes the force was strong with this one 😛 Even the cockroach spray I used today was less intense than this…

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist – Foamy mess!

I thought ok, let’s see how it feels on the face. I held it far away from my face as possible and it forcefully sprayed my face with white foam and droplets. It also kept leaking on the sides too making a horrible mess in my bedroom. Once it was on the face, I had to pat it in for absorption. I guess it did make my face feel hydrated but the mess and effort wasn’t worth it.

I have tried it a couple more times, to be fair, but nope the application doesn’t get any better. I’ve tried shaking it more, squeezing the nozzle with different push pressure, to no avail. I think I’ve actually almost used it all up after three uses too. I want my $11 back! It is also two years from its expiry date so that wasn’t the issue.

I don’t know if its just mine that was doing this, whether it was faulty. I would be surprised that a product behaving like this could be released into the market as is. Be warned that if you do try this, try it on a bare face and not over makeup like the directions also suggest.

Let me know if you have tried this and what your experience was with it. If you use any HG Innisfree products, let me know because my experience with the brand so far has been a flop.