Birthday bonus “freebies” comparison between Mecca and Sephora

I was in a Westfield’s shopping centre today so I thought I might as well pick up my free birthday gifts from Sephora and Mecca. I had received emails/app notifications from both stores about these bonuses. There are two ways to redeem them, in-store or make a purchase online. Since I did not need to buy anything from both stores I went in today and picked them up. I thought I might as well since I’ve spent loads in both these stores, might as well get what I can.

Sephora promised a Fresh skincare trio and Mecca’s was also some skincare items from their house brand. Mecca’s was as promised, was nicely boxed and contained a cute birthday note. Sephora however, did not give me the Fresh kit, instead chucked a small notebook and a mini micellar water in the bag.

Now I’m not saying that I’m not grateful cos both stores don’t even have to give you anything. But as a loyal customer I thought I would say least get what was promised, especially since I’m a Gold member which is the highest level at Sephora AU. Anyway I feel like they would’ve given me what was advertised if I had made a purchase online. Because I picked it up without purchase they probably just changed their minds. I forgot to check as well and only checked once home. Overall it just a bad taste in my mouth.