[Mini review] Make up brush cleaners – Daiso, Clean Apothecary, Dr Bronner

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These are three of the handful of brush cleaners I have tried last year. I know that you can use a bar of soap but not sure how good that is for the bristles, especially for natural haired brushes 🖌️ . Daiso Makeup brush cleaner – This is very cheap but I find that it isn't effective in cleaning. It's very liquidity, foams up very slightly and doesn't do much else. Maybe for eyeshadow brushes, it would be fine but I need it to work on all my brushes and it falls short. I use it with my Real Techniques brush cleaning mat. I pour a bit of the cleaner onto the mat and add a little water. I find that I need to use so much in order to see any effectiveness at all ✖️ . Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo – This cleaner is extremely effective and makes cleaning brushes a breeze. All you do is wet your brush and swirl it in the balm in the container. Then you rinse it with warm water. It's a bit pricey and I need to order it from @beautylish each time but I think it's worth it. It's very portable as well since it's a balm. It comes in a few scents, I've loved Grapefruit and about to try Lemon 🍋 . Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap – This was a recent find thanks to Aussie YouTuber @nikkiajoy. This is some sort of chameleon soap, has 18 different uses including for the body. It's very effective for cleaning brushes and is more cost effective than the Clean Apothecary shampoo. It is very liquidity. Like Nikki's demonstration, I pour a few drops into a small bowl and I add a bit of water to it. I then wet the brush and dab it into the bowl and instantly you can see the colour coming off the bristles. I then massage it against my Real Techniques brush cleaning mat to ensure it's completely clean before rinsing it with water for the final time. I have it in Green Tea and the scent is nice, isn't strong. This is a more economical option if you're at home and not in a hurry 🏃‍♀️ . What's your favourite brush cleaner or method for cleaning makeup brushes? #brushcleaner #makeup #brushes #sanitize #brushcare #beauty #beautyblogger #daiso @drbronner #cleanapothecary #beautylish

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