[Review] Tony Moly – Cheektone Single Cream Blusher – #Mood Rose & #Pinky Coral

I’ve always had a soft spot for blush. It is the one makeup product (in my opinion) that can turn you from looking half asleep and zombie-like to fresh, healthy and awake. Just a bit of colour on the cheeks can make a world of difference to how you look and feel.

I’ve always used powder blush because it’s quick and I’m lazy. Since watching (way too) many Lisa Eldridge videos I have been recently dabbling in cream and liquid blushes. She’s an MUA, Creative Director of Lancome AND still finds time to posts educational makeup videos on Youtube. She’s all about natural makeup looks and letting natural beauty shine through over caking and masking the face. So she knows her stuff.  When she said that cream and liquid blush looks more natural because it looks one with the skin, I knew I needed to grab some! I do have a few from different brands but today I will talking about the Cheektone cream blushes from Tony Moly. I picked up two colours, Pinky Coral and Mood Rose.

If you are interested in knowing more about this product and what I thought of it, please keep on reading 🙂


$6.60 each, purchased from yesstyle.com*

What is it?

It’s a cream blush which is long lasting and can also be used as cream shadow or lip colour.

Tony Moly - Cheektone Single Blusher
Tony Moly – Cheektone Single Blusher #Pinky Coral


Tony Moly are known for their cute packaging. The packaging is what actually caught my eye with this product. It’s actually more modern and clean looking than cute, with its almost Pantone type of vibe. The case is made of plastic.

Tony Moly - Cheektone Single Blusher
Tony Moly – Cheektone Single Blusher #Mood Rose

How to use

I have only used this on my cheeks but it sounds like a multitasker, just like the RMS Lip2Cheek products (reviewed here), where it can also be used on the eyes and lips.

I’ve experimented with a couple of ways to apply this and I’ve found that using a small duo fibre brush is the best way. I dab my brush into the pan a couple of times then I dab it onto my cheeks, just to where I normally apply powder blush. The more you work the product into the skin, the more blended and natural looking it will be. Build up the level of intensity until it is right for you. I’ve found that cream blush takes a bit more time to apply than powder since you can’t just slap it on but it’s worth the effort.

Tony Moly - Cheektone Single Blusher
Tony Moly – Cheektone Single Blusher Left to Right – Mood Rose and Pinky Coral. They are heavy swatches, once blended it will look more natural


The product claims to be long lasting and I would agree. I have dry cheeks so I don’t set my cheeks, just spritz it with Fix + usually. This also helps to further melt the blush into my skin so it looks like one. It lasts on my skin for around 8 hours.

Even when I was doing swatches for this post, I found that it was still visible on my wrist after using an oil cleanser. It never stains my cheeks after double cleansing so don’t worry about that! Just keep in mind that it would be more difficult to remove compared to powder blushes.

Tony Moly - Cheektone Single Blusher
Tony Moly – Cheektone Single Blusher – it leaves a slight stain even after I used an oil cleanser.


The texture is creamy and emollient. I thought it would be harder because they don’t appear to be shiny like the Lip2Cheek. It’s easy to pick up the blush on a brush or fingers and is easy to spread around to blend onto the face.


There is a slight scent that smells like makeup. I know it’s a poor description but its not bad or anything, just that there is a scent.

Final thoughts

Rating: 4/5 (really liked it!)

I really like the aesthetics of the packaging and best of all the product itself is great and performs well. I like both colours but if I had to pick, Mood Rose would be my recommendation. Both colours are creamy, easy to apply, doesn’t have an obnoxious smell and gives great payoff. I’ve tried a couple of korean powder blushes and they seemed to lack in the payoff department so I’m pleasantly surprised that these are so pigmented.

They are affordable and comparable to western cream blushes from brands such as Stila and Bobbi Brown. If you’ve been curious about trying cream blushes, I would highly recommend you to give these a go.

Please note: links in this post marked with an * are affiliate links. They provide me with a small commission, if you should choose to use them for a purchase, without any extra cost to you 🙂



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