[Review] Dolce Garden EDP – new fragrance by Dolce and Gabbana

I wouldn’t consider myself to be much of an avid perfume wearer but it is nice to have something on hand when you are in the mood or in my case, whenever I remember to 🙂

I have dabbled in various types of scents since my teenage years. It’s interesting to discover how much my preferences have changed over the years. I used to love Harajuku Lovers Fragrances by Gwen Stefani, my favourite was Little Angel which had top notes of pineapple and berries. I remember it being a very fresh and fun fragrance.

Today I will be talking about a new fragrance that I recently discovered. It’s from Dolce and Gabbana and it’s their new fragrance called Dolce Garden. Their promo ad made me smile and I really liked how down to earth and “normal” it is. It’s of people just enjoying themselves and dancing in a beautiful garden amongst its sprinklers to a fun song. Many fragrance ads are just over the top with airbrushed and beautiful people flying through the air and being all dramatic with their hair, you know the ones I’m talking about ;).

If you’re interested in hearing more about this new fragrance and my thoughts on it, just  keep on reading.

The notes

From: dolcegabbana.com

Top: In the sun-kissed top notes, juicy mandarin, bright neroli and airy magnolia express its radiance.

Heart: The coconut essence, a unique natural extract of the fruit’s white flesh, accents the creamy freshness of the frangipani blossoming petals.

Base: A silky almond milk accord evokes the traditional sweets of Sicily. Enriched with vanilla absolute and sandalwood, it extends the exquisite sensuality of the frangipani note into the dry down.



50ml $112.00 AUD from myer.com.au.
Also available in 30ml ($84 AUD) and 75ml ($146 AUD) also from myer.com.au.

My thoughts:

The two things I look for in a perfume are whether I can see myself wearing the scent on a daily basis and if it will last all day on my body. I’m happy to say that this scent really does fulfil both requirements. The lovely packaging is also a nice bonus and I am in love!

I was looking for something that smelt like coconuts and summer, I’ve been on a coconut fix lately for some reason, and this smells like exactly both those things. It smells like a pina colada to be exact. There are hints of floral to it, with the neroli and magnolia but the awesome thing is that the coconut essence shines through giving it a fresh but creamy scent of a pina colada (probably contributed from the almond milk base too). It smells feminine and sweet and makes me feel just… great.

The promo video really does resonate because the people look like they’re feeling great and are having a fab time. I know it’s an odd thing to say, that something like a perfume can evoke such feelings, but they can and this one definitely does this for me.

Best of all, it lasts on my skin all day which is remarkable, unlike Chloe which lasted 1 hour :(.

The SA mentioned that this was a fragrance I could wear all year round and it was only then that I learnt that fragrances can also be seasonal with wear. To show me the difference, she gave me a whiff of a “summer” scent which was citrusy and almost bitey which almost made me sneeze. But yes after that I did understand the difference. Even though Dolce Garden does smell like coconuts, its very understated and when mixed in with all other lovely ingredients, just smells creamy, fresh, feminine, elegant and just perfect.


Let me know if you have tried this delightful fragrance and whether you love it as much as I do!






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