[Review] Leaders Sheet Masks – Coconut Gel/Himalayan/Daily Wonders range

Sheet masks were one of the first things I tried when I started k-beauty in 2017. I’ve tried a bunch and I have to say that all are definitely NOT the same. Some have been pretty average but most of have been quite good. I have even kept a record of the masks which I have used in a Google Keep so I know not to get the bad ones again.

I’ve tried a few from the brand Leaders who seem to specialise in making sheet masks.  People seem to rave about the brand so typically I knew I had to try some! The first one was the MEDIU Amino Clearing Mask. This was just ok, I remember it made my face tingle a little while it was on but it was tolerable and it adhered to my face ok too. After that one I really wasn’t in a great hurry to try anymore from the brand.

Was browsing on iHerb a few months ago and I noticed that they sold Leaders masks. These masks were mainly made of fermented coconut gel so it peaked my interest,. They claimed to be super hydrating and had varies types of effectiveness eg brightening, lifting etc. I bought a few and began to try them out over the next few months. My most recent experience was today’s.

As well as the MEDIU Amino Clearing Mask, I have also tried out:

  • Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recovery Mask
  • Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask
  • Coconut Gel Lifting Recovery Mask
  • Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask
  • Daily Wonders, Pore Gone for Good, Pore Refining Mask

I don’t have packet images for all of them since I have thrown some away in frustration.

Leaders Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimising Mask and Lifting Recovery Mask
Leaders Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimising Mask and Lifting Recovery Mask

My issues


My biggest gripe with sheet masks is that they don’t fit on my face properly and aren’t flexible enough to bend and smooth down. These coconut gel masks do not adhere to my face. Now, I don’t have a tiny face or anything, standard size I guess, so it was strange that I couldn’t line up the masks so that could at least fit well enough. It just seemed to be too large for my face. The mouth area wouldn’t line up properly once I aligned my eyes, parts hanging off etc. I wouldn’t be able to smooth the lines out that this adjusting created, you get the picture. Of course I have used masks which haven’t fit my face perfectly too but they had been workable.


I think the lack of adherence is due to the material of the masks. Its thicker and stiffer than regular cotton sheet masks, making it stubborn to adjust

On the back of one of the packets, this is the description of the material:

Premium Coconut Gel is the next generation of mask material.

This coconut mask is made from all natural fermented coconut juice, which contains Vitamins B and C. This gel material adheres perfectly to the skin and has natural soothing and hydrating properties.

I find this description to be very ironic. It emphasises that the material is made to fit better on the face but on me it’s the total opposite.

It is also described as:

a biocellulose coconut gel mask which is 10x more hydrating than a cotton mask

The ‘biocellulose’ aspect had caught my interest, the fact that it could hold way more product than a regular sheet mask and doesn’t lose much moisture while it is on your face. I recently tried a biocellulose mask from IOPE and that came out in a soggy, unusable blob, making me even more skeptical to its benefits especially when you are paying a premium for it. I have no idea if its 10x more hydrating since I haven’t been able to keep it on my face long enough to compare. Since I don’t want the ill fitting masks to create lines on my face and I don’t want to be uncomfortable for 20 minutes, I have in all instances, ripped it off and patted in the leftover essence. This essence was nothing to write home about either, was pretty thick and sticky for the most part. In my frustration I didn’t even bother to check whether it did anything for my skin.


These Coconut Gel/Himalayan/Daily Wonders range masks weren’t cheap either, they range from $5 to $10 AUD. I purchased them from iHerb.  I would rather stick to Tony Moly sheet masks for around $2-$3 a pop. At least THEY fit on my damn face. These aren’t worth your money.

Final thoughts

I’ve had the same experience with all the masks I had listed earlier in the post. No one can accuse me of not giving it a good go. Sheet masks should be easy to apply and be a relaxing 20 minute treat for you and your skin.

Leaders has so far NOT lived up to the hype and I will not be purchasing any further masks from this brand.

Have you tried any of these masks and if so what has your experience been with them? I’m curious since mine was so bad!











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